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Archfiend's Assault

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1 Archfiend's Assault on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:41 pm

Amy Cool

Level 1 Ra
Level 1 Ra
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This is an article about Archfiends. Its structure is going around this deck build i gave above and by explaining in details how this deck works you will learn the other side of Archfiends. Enjoy.

Archfiends themselves.

Let's get started. Archfiends. Monsters with high atk power and a lucky dice effect. Of course coming also with a drawback in LP as you must pay for them to be on the field. Well, this is how most of people see it, lets say normal duelists. If you tell that archfiends are self killing monsters, you are right, but if you tell they are bad, you are wrong. They kill themselves but there is one thing people mostly miss. They are so aggressive and can kill you before they kill themselves. If u want to play archfiends there is one main rule which you must follow. Archfiends are self exploding bombs, so kill before you get yourself a suicide. Most of you would say now: yea we know how to use them, you put 3 pandemonium (because it is a must there if you dont want to get killed) and atk till you get rid of opponents LP before you end your own LP. that is not true. This is Amy's archfiend deck, so it is completely different from a standard one. here, archfiends are used in another way. You can give me suggestions but to be honest, this deck does not need any. of course there is no perfect deck and i dont seek for a perfect one. this proved itself as deadly so that means its stable and good balanced. if you have some very good suggestion with an explanation why it is better, then post it else keep silence.

Explanation of the deck.

Deck contains 40 cards, which is the best number for a stable deck. Archfiends in my deck are not the classic ones. I choosed the onse which does not need to pay LP, or have the dice effect. Why? its pretty simple. They are bad, too situational sometimes, milling you own LP fast, need 3 pandemonium, need different level monsters to use pandemonium better, etc. only one that mills LP here is Mist Archfiend, and i will explain him a little later. main purpose of the deck is to assault opponents LP as fast as possible. that involves high atk archfiends on the field, and stealing you opp. monster when they think it can protect them, so that u you can deal high LP loss to you opponent. the moves this deck does are self killing that means you deal high damage to your opp, but you stay unprotected, so you must act quick. your moves are unexpected and fast you can destroy in seconds and make the field to your advantage but also you can lose all that in next move. so you now understand. you deal damage and know that next in next opp move you will be destroyed again, then you go again and so on. the thing is opponent is not prepared for high damage they take and they will be erased before they stand up.

Arhcfiend Soldier and Mad Archfiend are here because they have high atk power and dont need any payment, a drawback is mad's effect but we can live with it, as his piercing damage effect is good in some situations.

Armageddon Knight and Dark Grepher are here to bring my darks to grave as from deck so from hand (the case when i get necrofear of mist arch. or gilfer for grepher they are very good).

Dark Resonator and Plaguespreader Zombie are the tuners which are required to synchro summon. every deck today needs synchros so we must include them here too. one more reason is because we have 2 archfiends as synchros to summon. resonator can avoid destruction from one atk and stay for tuning. and he is also a fiend type which is helpful here for necrofear. plague is good because of the fact that is very easy to move him to grave from deck and to synch fast. so he fasts up the deck. also dark support.

Mist Archfiend, a 5 stars monster which can be normal summoned and deal high damage. also can tune with resonator for a 8 stars synchro, and they are main synchros here. Also if you synchronise him with resonator or PSZ you can avoid LP killing effect.

Dark Necrofear. A monster which just fits good here. it is a special summon so i can summon something more as normal and deal more damage. necrofears effect allows me to steal again opp monster which is also good and one of main purposes of this deck. 2x is stable here. one would be too less and never to get. somehow random too. and if i get him as dead draw i have allure also. almost all monsters are fiends and i get them fast to grave so for necrofear it will not be a problem to come to field.

Archfiend of Gilfer, the heart of this deck. it gets him the main thing. having an archfiend on the field to use Falling Down. He is there to be sent to grave from hand or deck. if i get him as dead draw grepher can help and also allure. but if needed i can tribute summon him too, 6 stars helps plague to tune for again 8 stars easily. gilfer i send to grave to activate his eff and equip him on opp monster, and in some cases if needed to keep the loop of his eff i quip on my own monsters just to keep archfiend name on my field. his eff is great because it can be ised again and again as he is sent to grave. so if opp mosnter is destroyed or moved from field gilfer is send to grave and can use his eff again. that is how i have mostly always one archfiend card on field and can use falling down to break LP. His eff is weird and surprising to opponent so u can always use that to your advantage, because your opp does not know why do you keep him on field and why the hell use such a card at all. so there is your move to break him.

Synchros are not needed to explain, i used many 8 stars because they fit good to my deck and also i can easily summon 6 and 7 stars so i put some of them too.

Red Archfiend Dragon and Thought Ruler Archfiend are archfiend cards so they can be resummoned by Archfiends Roar. Red is good for damage and thought is good also for a little less damage but great eff to protect itself.

Power Tool Dragon, many 4 stars and two resonators or mist and plague can summon him. if i dont get any Falling Downs, i mean they are still in my deck i can use his eff to call one of them into my hand. calculate how on your own.

Allure of Darkness all darks in deck so, very useful draw engine.

Heavy Storm and MST are destroying card which are must in here and also staples.

Falling Down and Brain Control are main card in deck. they are stealing power and blowing opp with their own weapons. very very destructive in respect to dealing high LP damage.

Foolish Burial for fitting my grave of fiends. also plague can be used in this way. also reducing my deck size and increasing chance to get roar or falling down or some other good card. also putting gilfer in grave for other means.

Archfiends Roar and Call of the Haunted, this card helps this deck to increase its deadly damage power. high atk archfiends in grave, also synchro archfiends, easy to call in one turn as a special summon and also can be used for later synchro instead to destroy them at the end phase. also i can call gilfer to start his effect loop again. Call is a staple included in every single deck. (except in GK)

Prison, Bottomless, Mirror and Cylinder are protecting my monsters and killing opponents, except for cylinder which is a very good card here. it can deal high damage in unexpected situations and it helps this deck while it fasts up decreasing opp LP. Staple.

Torrential Tribute is a staple.

Return From a Different Dimension. very good card considering the fact i have 2 allure and 2 necofear so i can always expect at least to have something in my RFG to use this card. also it can help in dealing massive amounts of LP. also can be combined with a tuner to avoid removing at the end phase.

NOTE: You can replace 1x Foolish Burial with Reinforcement of the Army to get better card advantage.


so now you are told how this deck goes. but still it needs much skill to use it right. it can happen that u lose all the time if you dont use your card right. its because the decisions that need to be made must be thought a couple moves ahead. this deck can combine many different and weird moves and has a good balance. but it can be tricky as you combine all your cards in one move you can lose. so save your hand a little for later. roar and falling down are very good cards that can be only used in this type of deck. if you are skilled enough you can win the game in couple moves. i spent here much on dealing high damage and i did not take care of opp facedowns but lets say like this i have roar and call which can revive me easy so i can take the risk to atk the mirror force as i can activate my trap in battle too. there is much more to tell but i think for now its enough. for an archfiend deck this one proved itself as best til now. if you are good to make better i would like to see that.

side deck is not shown here because it can vary i change it from duel to duel so you know how siding goes. it depends on opp deck so i will not go into that direction now. you all know what to side in general.

Important Notice.

I forgot to mention something more. why did i not add some important support cards that could fit here perfect. U probably ask yourself where the hell is DAD. or why did you not add GORZ. archfiends use dice where is a dark staple Snipe Hunter? Caius is also a fiend, why not him? well the thing is they would not fit here as perfect as they look like. if you take a little deeper into this deck you will realize that there is no dice effects here at all, which is classic for archfiends. well archfiends are bad mostly because people think they have a good defending dice effect, and dont see it as pure luck to get the effect. honestly i was never a fan of luck. my decks are mostly built to be stable not depending on some dice. so that is why not snipe hunter. he is good but i dont count on luck although he has more success rate than loss but still, i prefer not using effects which are depending on some dices. Gorz is good but as i have many traps and kill my own LP a little because of mist archfiend and the fact that i dont have much defense so opp can easily get to my LP using vortex or killing my archfiend on the field to get back his own stolen monster. so Gorz would just kill me faster and i have fast assault moves without gorz too so i dont see a reason to add him. DAD, yea the card that everybody loves and that is in 99% dark decks included. DAD is good but situational if u play a little with this deck you would realize that i need a certain luck to have 3 darks in grave. yea now you could say u have plague you can call him to have less, you have necrofear so u can remove, you have support cards to get darks from deck to grave and also roar to get them from grave to field so you can manage your grave good, yea i could do that but i would sacrifice my all cards to get DAD on field and still opp could activate bottomless and ruin my plans, or just play something next turn as im unprotected. this deck is not dark control deck and i dont care of dark count in my grave, DAD is good but you would always need luck here to get him on field or waste all your cards to manage the grave for one monster, I never depend on one monster. DAD is good but Necrofear fits here better and it does not need luck to be summoned, i just wait one turn and there it is grave is full of fiends.Caius is a tribute, some of you will think now u can use roar and then sacrifice for caius, roar restricts sacrifice, roar's eff can be avoided in my deck by tuning summoned monster for synchro and thats it. caius need time to be summoned and the fact that i lose my monsters quickly would not be good for caius, i would just lose time and probably the game, this deck needs speed and caius does not support that. adding all those good cards would reduce my archfiends in deck so my whole strategy with falling down and roar would fail here badly and why, because i added some good dark staples in here. so if you see this deck and think to suggest me adding DAD or these others mentioned forget it better. also some could say ROTA is good because of my warriors here. i have 2 allure and my cards that decrease my deck count and increase the change to get what i want from deck, so rota would just slow me down, sometimes too much same effects overlap and result in loss, for example when i get grepher and armageddon at once in hand or have foolish burial when all my gilfers and plague are in grave, yes i can put some mist arch. in grave too but well it is not so good as gilfer etc. to cut the story rota is proved as waste here and if you like it put it at your own risk. some of you would ask why not using pandemonium when i can use mist archfiend and his effect would kill him, then you could use pandemonium to get another 4 star archfiend into your hand, or use roar on mist to get the same thing in the end phase. well putting 1 pandemonium is random and not effective, also putting 3 of them would waste my space in deck and it is a bad card in this deck in general so cut that idea better off.

This deck is a very good way of using Archfiends. However, Konami did not want Archfiends to be in meta game so this is best we can take out from them.

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