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Small article about Priority

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1 Small article about Priority on Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:59 am


Hi , I'm here with a new article i wrote before a little while when i was bored it's not that good but meh here it is


For bigginers this might be really hard to
understand what is Priority, so in this article I’m going to try explain

Priority is simply the player’s right to
activate his/her summoned monster’s effect before opponent can play any traps
responding to the succesful summon like Bottomless Trap Hole , Trap Hole and
etc but you don’t have the right to call Priority if you’re opponent negates
the summoning of your monster with Solemn Judgment or other similler cards. You
can call Priority only with Optional effect monsters it’s not like you summon
Caius The Shadow Monarch and say Prioity then your opponent will be like this
O_O that’s it if he undersatand’s what is Prioirty, Caius The Shadow Monarch
has a Mandatory/Trigger effect witch means it is must resolve effect. Also the
same with Mobious The Frost Monarch witch it has Optional Trigger effect but
still you can’t call Priority.

Ill try to give some examples

Player 1 : Has 3 Dark attribute monsters in their graveyard he/she summons Dark Armed Dragon.
Player 2 : Has no respond to the summoning so the summon is succesful.
Player 1 : Calls priority removes 1 Dark attribute monster from their graveyard as a cost for Dark Armed Dragon’s effect and target a card on the field to be destroyed.
Player 2 : Can play their Bottomless Trap Hole or such stuff witch will remove Dark Armed Dragon from the field to the RFG and then Dark Armed Dragon’s effect resolve destroying the selected card.

Also it can be something like this

Player 1 : Has face up Dark Armed Dragon he she summons Thunder King Rai-Oh ( It has no Priority).
Player 2 : Has nothing to respond for the summon so the summon is succesful.
Player 1 : Can call Prioirty with Dark Armed Dragon! Removing 1 Dark Attribute monster from the graveyard as a cost and targeting 1 card on the field
Player 2 : Can play their Trap Hole or Botttomless Trap Hole to destroy Thunder King Rai-Oh

Um ill give you some examples from Wikia.

A has a face-up "D.D. Warrior Lady". He sets a face-down "Bottomless Trap Hole", and ends his turn.

Player B Special Summons "Chaos Sorcerer".
Player B, now being the turn player, says he wishes to retain his priority to activate the effect of "Chaos Sorcerer". "Chaos Sorcerer"'s Ignition Effect then activates, targeting "D.D. Warrior Lady". "Chaos Sorcerer"'s effect is now Chain Link 1. Player A then activates his "Bottomless Trap Hole", since the Special Summon of "Chaos Sorcerer" was the last action to have resolved on the field. "Bottomless Trap Hole" is now Chain Link 2.

The chain now resolves in reverse:

  • Chain Link 2: "Bottomless Trap Hole" resolves. "Chaos Sorcerer" is destroyed, and removed from play.

  • Chain Link 1: "Chaos Sorcerer"'s effect resolves. "D.D. Warrior Lady" is now removed from play.
Always remember that Monster Effects, unless they specify otherwise, can have their effects resolved without being present on the field.

Now take the same scenario, but instead of "Bottomless Trap Hole", we can use "Book of Moon" as the example.
The resolution of this chain works as follows:

  • Chain Link 2: "Book of Moon", targeting "D.D. Warrior Lady" resolves, flipping "D.D. Warrior Lady" to face-down Defense Position.

  • Chain Link 1: "Chaos Sorcerer"'s Ignition Effect tries to resolve, but since his target is now face-down, his effect disappears, because "Chaos Sorcerer" can only remove face-up monsters from play.

Yet another fine example of priority can be
seen in this example:

Player A ends his turn with a face-up "Mystical Elf" and a set "Trap Hole".
Player B Normal Summons "Exiled Force". Since "Exiled Force" has an Ignition Effect, Player B can use priority to activate its effect, which becomes Chain Link 1. However, the cost of "Exiled Force"'s effect is to Tribute itself. Since costs are mandatory to activate a card (not resolve the effect), the cost
of "Exiled Force" is immediately carried out. "Exiled Force" is removed from the field, and Player A's "Trap Hole" will no longer have a monster to resolve its effect for.

Some monsters the you can call Priority with….

1- Dark Armed Dragon
2- Chaos Sorcerer
3- Judgment Dragon
4- Gale
5- The Dark Creator
6- Lyla, LS
7- Diamond Dude
8- Cyber Valley
9- Neo-Specian Dark Panther
10- Cross Porter
11- Elemental Hero Prisma
12- The Creator
13- Lonefire Blossom
14- Tragoedia
15- Dimensional Alchemist
16- Zombie Master

And so on there are a lot of Monsters I just don’t know them at the moment

Well I guess I finished my little article I hope it helped some people to understand about Priority or Prio Very Happy


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2 Re: Small article about Priority on Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:46 pm


Level 1 Slifer
Level 1 Slifer
That's really complex,but is veru useful,good article DAD,8/10.

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