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Junk and Debris in space concept

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1 Junk and Debris in space concept on Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:20 pm


Junk and Debris in Space

This is a deck meant for abusing Neo Spacians through Debris and Junk just like the name says. Along with the abusing of the Neo-Spacians we have to abuse Dandylion in here as well. What makes the deck so abusing:

First I will explain how abusing Dandylion is in this deck:

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Every time he goes to the graveyard you get 2 tokens which means more synchro material to use along with the Grave full of neo-spacians. The 2 tokens can be used for defensive purposes as well meaning your opponent has to waste 2 attacks on empty spots on the field and in case opponent has Brionac and wants to go for the kill he has to waste 2 extra cards from his hand instead of 1 normally speaking. The best part is Debris dragon:
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Debris summons Dandylion from the grave and you can synchro for Black Rose Dragon to nuke the field and get 2 tokens after the effect of Black Rose resolves. Meaning you still get the 2 tokens as defense and your opponents field is completely cleared. Let’s say you have 1 token or a different monster left you are able to synchro for a lv 8 or maybe even a lv 10, but remember it has to be a dragon type. Meaning as you lv 6 options Iron Chain Dragon is your target to get, lv 7 Black Rose Dragon lv 8 brings out Stardust. Red Dragon Archfiend and Dark End Dragon ( a bit harder since the other material needs to be dark ) and as the lv 10 Trident Dragion ( great if you have Iron Chain Dragon on the field and options to summon Debris back ).

How to abuse the neo-spacians in here is as followed.

The Neo spacians have an interesting draw engine meaning the card called Convert Contact:

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The only downside this card has is that you may not control a monster ( or token ). Apart from that little detail the effect is great, send 1 from hand and 1 from deck to the grave. Then draw 2 cards meaning, you mill deck a bit before you draw so the chances of drawing the cards you need increase ( unlike the D hero Engine, Allure, Upstarts, Reckless Greed etc. ). With the effect of this card you send your spacians to the grave to be abused by Debris Dragon.

But what if I have Convert Contact sitting in my hand without Neo Spacians, yes that would be very troublesome since you want speed in this format as well as in every other format. How to get some extra speed for this engine, the solution is:

Cross Porter:

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But Cross porter bring some rulings along which you need to know off before using him otherwise you might make mistakes that could ruin a lot of fun using him. Here are the rulings:

1:"Cross Porter" targets 1 monster you control. Send it to the Graveyard when resolving "Cross Porter's" effect.
2:If you send "Cross Porter" to the Graveyard to activate its first effect, you cannot activate its second effect.

Now I here you say ok that’s great but why is the deck called Junk and Debris in space if there is only Debris. You are correct that is why Junk is a bit different from Debris but still important in this deck to keep everything going.

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‎You see his is different from Debris. He is more focused on taking Cross porter as a target for the synchro plus you gain a Neo-spacian to your hand meaning you don’t lose hand control/ hand advantage. Plus the fact that your draw engine is safe at all time if played correctly. But be carefull with your choice of neo-spacians due to the fact some are more suitable for battle then just discard them for your draw engine.

Well we now have spoken about the main cards of the deck concept but how to support all of these cards and to keep it up in the entire duel we need recycle cards.

Now on to the deck and I will say this before posting my preferences deck list there are many variants of this concept but they depend on your preferences.

Total deck 40

Monsters: 21

2x Cross porter
2x Junk Synchron
2x Neo-Spacian Glow moss
2x Neo-Spacian Dark Panther
1x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
1x Dandylion
3x Debris Dragon
1x Sangan
1x Armageddon Knight (to dump cross porter in grave to mill and get spacian )
1x Cyber Dragon
2x Chaos Sorcerer ( you have 3 lights in main deck and a lot of synchro options for lights )
2x Tragoedia ( you will mostly have cards on the field meaning gorz is too slow and your hand is always full unless you make the big move )
1x Dark Armed Dragon ( we have a lot of grave control and darks meaning he is a staple )

Spells: 12

2x Convert Contact ( 3 is overdoing it since you have 5 spacians )
2x Allure of Darkness ( be carefull though everything removed stays removed )
1x Reinforcements of the Army ( for junk and knight )
1x Brain control
1x Mind Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x MST
1x Foolish Burial ( to speed thing up if needed to dump Dandylion or Cross porter )
2x Pot of Avarice ( to recycle your tuners and synchro’s especially Black Rose )

Traps: 7

2x Bottomless Trap hole
2x Threatening Roar
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra deck:

2x Catastor
2x Magical Android
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac
1x Goyo Guardian
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
1x Dark End Dragon
1x Trident Dragion
2x Iron Chain Dragon
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

I didn’t include a side deck due to the fact that all preference besides the usual LS stoppers, Trap eater, Pulling the rug etc.

2 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:32 pm

Stardust Dragon

nice article
never seen such deck
i may try it out from a time or another

3 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:36 pm


good article TDP

Stardust, you should definitely try it out. It is a great deck, can be very fast and can compete although it is mostly a fun deck.

4 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:44 pm


Level 1 Slifer
Level 1 Slifer
That's a nice article,i like this deck.This seems the funniest deck to play ever,i really like him.

5 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:05 am


Level 1 Ra
Level 1 Ra
Nice article, Used to run this deck for a while so I can see it fully effective.

Treeborn frog is a must in here, Junk+lvl2+Frog=lvl5/6....Debris+lvl2/3+frog=lvl6/7/8

Also, When having the frog with 2 Cross porters and Dandy another Foolish Burial would be nice.
When you do so it'll lead to a lot of ways of getting Cross porter to grave that means Convert contact can't be dead.

It seems to be missing some protection, So you might get the roars out for a couple of BoMs/MBaaS's.

Good luck.


6 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:20 am


first off Thx for the appriciation of the article.

@: Dramatic End: The point isnt to up with junk all the way to lv 6 or higher. Junk synchron is here to get an easy lv 5 like catator to kill plants ( and LS ofc but i dont use this against LS ) and the Android cause its a light and will function for CS.

A second foolish burials wouldn't do much good here ( maybe when i would use Treeborn ) but like i stated above Treeborn has no MUST in the deck. Its preference of what you want to do in the duels and i dont want to have Treeborn cause most of the time i still have a facedown like Roar.

Onto the defense you say, this deck doesnt really need cards like BoM and MBAAS due to the fact it doesnt really matter if they get killed the first time or even the second time. Cause my pot of avarice will take care of that to keep them returning.Even if the BTH my synchro's it still isnt a very bad thing. The Tragoedia's and Roar are defense enough for attack.

The Debris > Dandy > BRD Nuke field has proven to be the ace move of the deck ofc ( what else ) which like it says Nukes the field. I when i start off with a decent hand do it twice in one duel. Meaning that added to my heavy and MST no need for cards like BoM and MBAAS.

7 Re: Junk and Debris in space concept on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:24 am


Umm, one problem TDP, doesn't Porter miss timing? He's an optional eff, so by synchro-ing with him, him being sent to the grave isn't the last thing happening, right?

Other than that, great article.



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