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Not connecting to oppenents to duel...using kcvds 1.22 with hamchi

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I know the basics of computers but I can't seem to figure out why I cant connect to my opponents when I try connecting to them. All I want to do is duel.

I've checked my firewall and allowed kcvds...everytime I time out when trying to connect or my oppenent quits after not connecting it says something about check my internet settings...but that means nothing to me. So eventually I downloaded Hamachi and tried it that why and I'm still at the same dead end. Please assist. Thanks!


u must write your hamachi IP while ur hosting a duel.also u must be in same Hamachi Network with your oppenent.


Yeap! Your HamIP Is above from your hamachi name at the top. You must be on same network as BERKAY said and be careful because you must be online or relayed with someone (he must be green or blue on the hamachi) or you cant duel

Loto Drandel

i agree with berkay and need to put your hamachi number in the hosting duel process...also, one thing you could do is join other people's hams or make your own and get others to join yours Smile good luck

BM Joker

Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
lol actually i have the same problem,i tried everything but it wont work :S
i cant connect to my opps,and i also cant host :S
also,idk the name of these things,but i think its called firewall or smtg something xD dunno not sure,but maybe u have a problem with that :P :/ :/ :P :P:P:P


Level 1 Slifer
Level 1 Slifer
I noticed while logging in today that a few KC members were complaining that they couldn't connect with other duelists. Maybe it isn't a computer problem or just a bug?
I haven't attempted to host a duel yet but it's just a suggestion.


Graphic Team Member
Graphic Team Member
I'm connecting just fine.... Burhan did. Write ur ham ip in right ad also put it in ham? If u I'd then just download a diff version of hamachi


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