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Chronicler's intro

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1 Chronicler's intro on Fri May 21, 2010 2:09 pm


Level 1 Slifer
Level 1 Slifer
I probably should have posted this awhile ago but that was back when I was lost from going form to form. Sorry about that.

KC Name: Chronicler200
Level: New
Age: 16
Team: None
Tournaments Competed in : None
Special Skills:
[color=darkblue]Years Playing: This is actually my first year of dueling
Country: North America
Your motto: Don't really have one. xD
Favorite Card: Firewing Pegasus/Blue Eyes White Dragon. I've have a combo for Firewing Pegasus, that's why I like that card so much.
Key Card: Molten Destruction
Favorite Deck: A machine deck or Elemental Heros
Hatred Deck: I don't really have one.
A little about you: Let's see...I draw, duel (No duh), and love animals a whole lot. Those are like three things that could define me right away. I was first introduced to Yu-gi-oh awhile ago with a Blue Eyes White Dragon card and a Dark Magician card. Though sadly I lost them somewhere and now they're probably somewhere in my house that I've never attempted to look for. Then a friend of mine on another website reintroduced me to Yu-gi-oh again through the abridged series and I loved it all the way. So I went to watching the regular series and couldn't get enough of dueling so I found this website.
I've also always enjoyed a good roleplay or two and can be seen lurking on other sites. Not saying that I'd completely ignore DAD. This site is awesome.

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