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kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat

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1 kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:45 pm

The Undertaker

Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
hi every one

this time i will show a deck that every one call cat or synchro cat deck

as we know that kiryu111 is the best one who make this type of decks so i wll show u his topic in DAD :- this was long ago and old one but lets take a look
Synchro Cat
(Twillight arcanite beat)

As some of u have noticed I love to use synchro Cat decks. And i have made my personal built of Synchro Cat called Twillight arcanite beat cat version. Some might even say that that is the deck That made me popular in this community, Therefore i have decided to post a deck article dedicated to it.

Deck list.

21 monsters

1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the emissary of Darkness
2x Chaos sorcerer
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Hyper synchron
3x Gravekeeper spy
2x Gravekeeper guard
1x Summoner monk
1x Rescue cat
3x X saber airbellum
1x Sangan
2x Ryko, Lightsworn hunter
2x Deep sea diva

12 Spells

2x Gold Sarcophagus
3x Pot of Avarice
1x Brain Control
1x Mind Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Giant Trunade
1x Cold Wave
1x Instant Fusion

7 Traps

1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call Of the Haunted
1x Return From Different Dimension
1x Solemn Judgment

(wont reveal side deck this time Crying or Very sad and 2 lasy to write Extra deck now – Might edit Later though)

Unlike MOST of cat decks, my cat deck doesnt concentrate on Rescue Cat as such. Most of Rescue Cat Decks concentrate on getting cat out and then going for Lv 6 synchro using X- saber and some lv 3 Beast type monster(mostly it is Neo Spacian Dark Panther). My deck even doesnt have Lv 3 beast type monster. In fact only targets for my Cat are 3X-sabers and 2 ryko. So only Synchro my cat can get out are Lv 5 (catastor, android etc...) For most of u it might seem inconsistent and pretty silly. But my Cat deck actually concentrates on abusing Arcanite magician. Therefore U want to get summoner monk in your hand instead of rescue Cat. And then things mostly goes like this... U get monk, discard spell bring Cat out and then 2 X-sabers. Synchro for arrcanite. Destroy 2 cards and try to attack directly with second Airbellum, to discard from opponents hand. Thats the reason why deck runs 3spys and 2 guards. They make perfect setup for X- saber plays. Then i got another idea of using 2 Deep sea diva in deck, which might seem totally random at the beginning. But it is great with Gravekeeper Spy. ( Flip spy summon another or guard , then summon diva get another and synchro for 2 Lv 6 synchro monsters)

Now little about card which everybody wants to discard from deck. Hyper synchron. I have added him to deck as backup plan for summoner monk. If your cat is already in grave or hand, then u can use monk effect to get him out from deck and synchro for Lv 8. But s some of u have noticed it has its limitations and defects. But still why i chose to play him against mist valley soldier or other lv 4 tuners. Answer is pretty simple – he is light and his defect actually might turn into effect if u know how to use it. (about that 800 atk boost) So, why that was so important for me to play him – i think answer is pretty obvious – Chaos sorcerer. I run 2 of those

Some of u might think that having 2 Chaos sorcerer in deck with 4 light might not be the best idea, but truth to be told its more than enough. Why? Simply – u search for your ryko with cat. U synchro for arcanite a lot and he is light. That gives a pretty easy access to light monster in grave. And u run instant fusion in deck and in most of cases u will summon Musician king from your extra deck. Which is Lv 5 light spellcaster monster. Therefore he opens arcanite plays with deep sea diva or just lv 8 synchro plays with airbellum. And then musician king becomes a free light monster in grave. Thus helping bring out Chaos sorcerer.

Another overpowered move with this deck is summoning cyber dragon, then summoning deep sea diva and activating instant fusion. In this way u have got 2 synchro monsters of Lv 7 and 6 or 7, from empty field in one turn using only 3 cards. I find it pretty cool 

So a little about other things in deck, as u all have noticed this deck can bring out synchro monsters a lot , but cards like bottomles can hurt it a lot, therefore deck runs a lot of backrow removal (Ryko,Giant Ttrunade, MST,Heavy storm, and Cold Wave)And i have been thinking of using My body as a shield in this deck also. But there is a bright side – my deck also runs Return from Different Dimension. That card really helps getting back cards that have been removed by opponents bottomless trap holes, and by my chaos sorcerers and DAD.

Unlike of most of decks i use 2 Gold sarcophagus because of 2 reasons.
1- it is essential to get monk as fast as possible
2- My deck can afford to w8 for golds effect because of massive spy and guard plays, in other words spys and guards help u stall until u get cards with Gold Sarcophagus.

Something mostly unseen from most meta Cat decks are 3 pot of avarice. But that card becomes a dead draw a lot less often than u might think. Why? Easy, due to massive synchro and spy plays u get your monsters in grave fast. And why u can afford it? Simple. Its because most of monsters get other monsters out of deck therefore decks fills grave amazingly fast. In simple examples – Spy gets another gravekeeprers, deep sea diva gets another deep sea diva, cat and monk get out X- Sabers and etc. Therefore getting 5 monsters in grave is mostly just a matter of few turns. And recycling Cat with pots are essential, since Cat still remains your main card in deck. And in worst case if u find your Pot of Avarice useless then u can still discard it for monks effect.

I am pretty new to article writing and i know this article have a lot of downsides and it isnt nearly as good as others u have read, but be patient with me – I am still learning. Next time i will try to add pictures to my article and make it better, but for now i guess u will have to read this crappy one 

And there are few other things u all have to take in consideration - And most important of them all is that this deck is constantly changing, and also in consideration must be taken my pretty unique siding (not bragging). But yea, this is deck that has delivered me a lot of victories in past

And as a last notice, try not to copy deck but inspire from it.

but now i make new generation of cat deck and its really really nice so ok
let me show it to u

1-summoner monk
1-dark panther
2-jenzo(caius as u see its ok for u)
2-phantom of choas
1-debris dragon


1-mystical space
1- my body as a shield
1-heavy storm
1-;ightining vortex
3-pot of avarage


1-call of hunted
2-limit reverce
1-torrential tribute

1st thing that my deck has alot of ideas in one deck {cat,plant.synchro,monarch...)so i have alot of ideas in one deck

lets talk how is it work

my main idea was using cat many times every duel as if u used cat once u can return it with call of hunted and limite reverce and u can remove it from the field by phantom an return it again with DDT and using 3 pot of avarage can return monsters from grave to the deck to use it again and again and again

and abut BTM and other traps that can stop u so i use jenzo for this reason and use my body as a shield for this reason too so i can stop my oppent traps that could stop me and using saber eff again and again make ur oppnt hand in grave

and about synchro monsters so u have alot of monster that u can use them with this deck as u can see that cat isnot the main thing that i use here only becouse may be my oppent stop me some way so my deck still can win as i have plant power deck as i have 2 dandy and blossom and debris so like that i can summon black rose dragon to destroy my oppents field and using 3 of Pot of avarage is vet cool here too as we can return black and roose to our extra deck and debris to our deck and use it agian too

and about having cat in this deck isnot very hard this as u can see summoner monk can we have cat and using blossom to have tomoto then when it go to grave so we have 3 chooses if we want cat so we summon monk and if we want debris dragon so we have sangan to use him with blossom to synch black roose dragon beside we could have gale to use him for synch summon or reduse our oppents atak if we need

and about my traps so as u can see i used a good traps and strong enough to stop my oppent Very Happy

so here is my cat deck u can see it without copy it Joking XD u can use it if u want any ideas that i can use so it will be nice

2 Re: kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:38 am


Graphic Team Member
Graphic Team Member
on your new deck or generation w/es
ur using panther
his effect is ok but not great
and also not much of point having him here since
not even running chaos
D.D. Crazy Beast
atk 1400/better
A monster that this card destroys as a result of battle is removed from play.
great against any sangan, Mystic Tomato, Plaguespreader Zombie,etc
also same access to any lv6 synchro like panther.

Phantom of Chaos
dont see much of use here
Once per turn, you can remove from play 1 Effect Monster in your Graveyard. Until the End Phase, this card's name is treated as that monster's name, and it gains that monster's effect(s) and ATK.
keep in mind that if he copys let say gale all he get its name, effect,and attack
he does not become a tuner,
same with blossom
he does not become a plant either

Mystic Tomato
i dont like him at one,
reason he does search out but at 1 only meaning if other player has another attack available, tomato effort becomes usless if u get like a Plaguespreader Zombie[which its not even in the deck]

if following with on top i would also take out both DDR
And replace them with ither 2 books of moon
or 1 cold wave or giant trunade
and add another shield

Also u have 8 darks
deck looks kinda slow
add a allure of darkness

traps looks good
exept for compulsory
i would personally change it for a
Mirror Force
or a Return from the Different Dimension


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me and kingmp talking
[15:45:39] >> i love ur goddamn works
[15:45:39] >> -_-
[15:45:48] << lmaoooo'
[15:45:50] << thnx
[15:45:54] >> they're so epic amazing O_o
[15:46:01] << [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[15:46:05] >> dont even waste ur time in dueling
[15:46:06] << thnx bruh bruh
[15:46:10] << lmaoooo

3 Re: kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:55 am


Level 1 Slifer
Level 1 Slifer
Wow too much mixing with variants ..You either choose plant cat or phantom cat and not mix them all together i bet ur deck does not even work at all ;o
Keep in mind its not about the deck, its about who play with the deck and how he duel with and making decisions on tough situations. I don't like ur deck at all too much random things

4 Re: kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:52 am

The Undertaker

Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
yusi ideas was about to stop my oppent deck by replacing cards

from my deck who help my strategy with cards harmfull to my oppent nice idea yusi but in this deck i wanted to make my deck work as fast as it can be not only cat u can see alot of ideas in it and at the end its personally choose but i tried this deck alot and it do the job as i can use my cat more than 5 times every duel my oppent hand and cards on the fileld are dead but if he use removal deck at this time only my deck could be stopped thnx for ur comment XD

and about sam XD nothing u adviced me like yusi even u didnot advice me any thing with my new deck but thnx any way :P

5 Re: kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:22 am


Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
Try to
use punctuation. Makes it easier to read and understand.

Caius > Jinzo

You didn't type Dandylion in the deck.

How well are the D.D.R.'s testing?

6 Re: kaiser cat vs kityu111 cat on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:32 am

The Undertaker

Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
ops looks like i forgot dandy sry about that Wink

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