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Cards of the List part 2

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1 Cards of the List part 2 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:51 am

Loto Drandel

Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone for the comments they left on my first portion of this article...and yes KingMP i know it's a bit late, but with things going the way they were in the past I didn't have time to put it up when the list came out Sad but as always thank you everyone for the good comments Very Happy now to move on to part 2...

For this part of the article, I will also talk about some cards that should have moved into a different spot on the list, moved off the list, and cards that could be used to accommodate for cards that are either removed from the list or moved around...

The first card I am going to talk about is one that I thought would have been moved to the ban list but it wasn't...

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This card, in my opinion, is a lot worse and more powerful than its banned counterpart (Heavy Storm) and I am sure there are a lot of people who would agree with me...the reason for that would be because of the fact that Cold Wave stops the player and the opponent from playing or setting ANY Spell or Trap cards until the player's next turn...This would be a big advantage to the player because s/he could do all sorts of monster combos and attack without ANY opposition from the back row...this card should have been banned along with Heavy Storm, but it looks like this card might stick around for a little longer...

Second on the list are a few cards that could be used to accommodate for the loss of Heavy Storm

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These three cards are useful in their own rights...Mystical Space Typhoon was moved from the Limited portion of the list to the Semi-Limited portion, so it adds a little bit of power back from losing Heavy Storm...also, since it would destroy 1 spell/trap card, it has no fear of being stopped by Starlight Road...Dust Tornado remains unlimited...the only downside for this card is that it's a trap card; however, it makes up for this by having the MST effect PLUS having the option to set a spell/trap card, so it is very handy as well, especially when it cannot be stopped by Starlight Road...

I will now talk about a card that is near the same as its predecessors, but is different for other reasons...

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This card was just released in Duelist Revolution...I have not seen it played much in real life and not much at all on the KCVDS; however, it can be a nice touch b/c of its effect...if any card is destroyed by a card effect, this card can be activated to destroy 2 spell/trap cards on the field. The only downfall of this card is Starlight Road...since Chain Whirlwind is destroying 2 cards (which Starlight Requires 2 or more), Starlight Road can be chained, although I have not seen many people use Starlight Road very often; so in my opinion, Chain Whirlwind, given the right circumstances, is a very good card to add destruction to the back row.

Next up is the card I previously mentioned that, in a lot of people's opinion, should have moved to the Limited/Forbidden List, but it wasn't

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This card is very strong in its own way...being able to stop destruction effects (Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Black Rose Dragon, etc.) of 2+ cards that the player controls AND having the option to Special Summon a Stardust Dragon from the Extra Deck makes for a deadly a way, some say it's overpowering and should be Limited or Banned...although part of me agrees with that, a big part of me disagrees...the reason for that is because of a severe weakness in Starlight does negate the effects that destroy 2+ cards on the player's field; HOWEVER, it has a weakness with Stardust Dragon; even though Stardust Dragon is able to come out, it gets can use its effect to negate effects that destroy cards on the field; HOWEVER, since it was NOT Synchro Summoned, it CANNOT use its effect to come back from the Graveyard and CANNOT be brought back by effects that Special Summon from the Graveyard. So, for all that power, there is a major weakness to it.

The last card for me to talk about is one that was moved off of the list

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This card has come a long way since being released in Cybernetic Revolution (from the days of GX). At one point in time, this card was such a powerful card with its effect (Player being able to Special Summon this card from the hand if s/he had no monsters and his/her opponent has 1 or more) that it came close to being banned, but the farthest it had gone was being on the Limited portion (1 allowed). As time went on, this card went to Semi-Limited as other meta were released. And now, it has gone off of the list, so now it can be used to an even more deadly extent...the reason I think this is because off all the cards that can adopt its name, such as Proto-Cyber Dragon (becomes Cyber Dragon when face-up on the field), Cyber Dragon Zwei (reveal a Spell card to become Cyber Dragon), and Elemental Hero Prisma (reveal a Fusion that has Cyber Dragon as material and then send Cyber Dragon from the Deck to the Grave). With all these cards, Cyber Dragon could make a nasty comeback, especially when it has Dark machines to work with as well (Chimeratech Fortress Dragon and Chimeratech Overdragon). All in all, this card could be a very tough card to deal with because of its effect and all the cards it can work with.

That is all for part 2...part 3 (final part) will arrive later on...hope you all enjoyed this article and maybe learned something good out of it Very Happy

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