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1 Cursed_One's room on Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:11 pm


Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
Deck Used: Lockdown Plant
Cards in Deck: 40-45 +2

Deck Build: 8/10

Dueling Style: 7/10

Use of Cards: 11/20

Extra Comments: none

Dorm : 28 points - Ra: Intermediate Skills,knowledge they still need to work
their: Style, Knowledge and Deck Build to go to the next level.
gets 25 and more points

Welcome to RA yellow

Extra Comment: You play good, we had a long argue about the deck i used and that it's meta.So im goin to say something: Machina isn't meta anymore, it has very little chance against Sabers and GK's.I use it on tests coz of giving big advantage and im interested to see how will ppl respond to it.Also its easy to side against it so i test your siding aswell.Even if it was meta, you can use any deck exept OTK,FTK and Burn on tests so i don't see whats wrong.Im just doing my job.Other than that u seem like a nice guy and have skills, but i can't put in in higher dorm.You need to learn rulings, since you responded to my question " Don't need rulings taht im not goin to face in a duel". Its not about facing them its about improving your knowledge for the game.

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Level 1 Ra
Level 1 Ra
Machina gadget is big meta and here is the simple reasons : + cards with gadgets. Fortress = overpowered card. they play with specials and normal summons so not easy to get powned. they have access to solidarity witch makes all of the already overpowered deck more overpowered. The fact that i can use meta i didnt know it my bad. But it wouldnt be fun to duel with meta... So really ok you used machina and i played with no meta no problem i have faced many metas. but you cant judge my use of cards at 11/20 when you lost 2nd duel and you won first diffcultly and last one by a trunade :P its dont like you beat me and i didnt have anything to do xD its trunade :P.. About the ruling question i didnt know know it and my bad yea. But its really uselles cause i will never face infernity cause its banned deck. And about side deck yea man i am not a newbie to tell me to test my side decks.. i sided dd crows and system downs but i didnt draw them.

Thanks for the welcoming but please improve your test methods or just Warn people before you test them that they can use metas so we all play gks and pown and be happy....

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Judgment Dragon

Level 1 Obelisk
Level 1 Obelisk
Welcome to RA , have fun and stay active.

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welcome to ra hf and stay active

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