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Takahishi's Dorm

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1 Takahishi's Dorm on Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:09 am


Black Mamba
Black Mamba
Deck Used: Relinquished Skull Servants

Deck Build: 10/20
-Pretty interesting deck honestly, I liked the concept, however it can be improved to be a bit more consistent (take out the 1 Mirror and 1 Torrential for 3rd Decree)
-Side needs some work.
-Perhaps incorporate the Chaos Engine in the deck?

Efficicent Card Usage: 11/20
-He worked well with what he got usually but he ran right into a Torrential Tribute when he didn’t need to overextend at that point.

Ruling Knowledge: 7/10
1 Mistake: Still discarded/tributed monsters after I chained Solemn Warning to the activation of Black Illusion Ritual.

Match Result: 0 points
-I won 2-0

Ruling Questions: 5/15

Deck Orginality: 5/5

Side Deck Usage: 0/10

Complete Match Control: 1/10

Extra Comments: +2 points for being the first old member to come back to DAD academy! Very Happy

Total: 41/100 Level 5 Slifer


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